Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's My Birthday & I'll Bake If I Want To!

I'm actually a year older now. Wow. Time does fly.

After pampering my stomach with a carbo-laden dinner and polishing off almost the entire bottle of red, I'm not exactly in the right state of mind to present a comprehensive entry on my birthday festivities. Nonetheless, I thought I had to post something on this special day just so that it'll go into my blog archive. (Yes, go ahead - roll your eyes)

So it all started with a lovely surprise by my most awesome housemates and bestest Cornell buddies ever - Miss Malika and Swati - who all simply barged into my bedroom past midnight with a video camera, a titanic Triple Chocolate Cake (credits to Cornell Dining), and an a cappella performance to the tune of 'Happy Birthday'. There I was, lying on my bed chatting with Matt on my cell phone in pitch black darkness, dressed to kill my most *ahem* (un)fashionable PJs ever, and hair tangled in the fanciest knots imaginable.

I was shocked.

And to make things worst - It was all caught on tape. So much for blackmail, huh.

But of course, I was thoroughly happy with the intrusion. We ended up enjoying a bit of that gorgeous chocolate cake - which explains why it looks so much like a Pac Man when I took the picture of it - and almost finished up the bottle of sparkling left over from the previous wine night we had. I'm actually impressed at the quality of cakes supplied by Cornell Dining. It was amazingly rich and dense, but not cloyingly sweet, which made it such a delectable midnight treat.

Moving on, I had a dinner celebration with Bern, Shihao, Yong Kai, Ethel and David at Joe's Restaurant, which served Italian food (though the name doesn't give it away that easily). The food was decent, and we continued devouring that quarter-eaten chocolate confection (but failed miserably and again, leftovers are presently lying in my refrigerator). Nonetheless, the company made it all the more spectacular.

And when you're 10,000 miles away from home (I mean it literally), friends become family. And that's what I call Food For The Soul.

P.S.- Now, it's definitely time to hit the haystack. Sugar kisses and chocolate dreams people!


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