Monday, June 27, 2011

Bright lights of the urban landscape

Why, hello.
Thought I haven’t see you for quite awhile. 

Honestly, I had every intention to blog about summer in New York, but…

And yes, so I guess I’ve been 12 months too slow.

In a nutshell, my summer of 2010 was absolutely amazing. New York gives you a tan that never seems to fade away. And 8 months after, the stories collected from the big city are still beautifully haunting, and I find myself flipping the pages over and over like an evergreen classic.

And I had every intention of relinquishing my self-appointed role of updating this blog ever since summer ended and work found itself as a replacement. But I think I made a mistake by doing so. So here I am – 365 days later – running back to my canvas where I can paint my idealistic world of sugar creations, smart people, and pretty things.