Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Kaleidoscope of Dreams

So I've been leaving pleasure by the wayside. And I feel petrified by it.

But amidst the stiffness and restraint, I've still managed to find solace in my weekend escapades, my midweek sweet libations, and my wee-hour nightcaps. Wine has been my loyal therapist, and food a non-judgmental confidant.

2011 may have taken away the pure joy of baking at midnight with classes the next morning.
...But it has become my job to do the tasting.

2011 hasn't taken me on new travels and discoveries.
 ...But it has become my job to win the pitch and experience the journey.

 2011 has left me yearning to go back to college and be graded for drinking in class.
 ...but it has become my job to mingle and entertain.

2011 has made me forget to stop and smell the daisies. (Pink ones, of course.)
...but it has become my job to ask for flowers.

2011 may have flown by without me grasping it in its entirety.
...But it has become by job to witness the race.

2011 has clearly been a year sacrificed to the soulless world filled with soot and suits. But someone once told me: If you want to reach the castle, you have to swim through the moat.

And while doing so, I do realize that I'm learning to love the experience.

I still gather with old friends to relive good times.

New York City is always never far from my mind.

Weekends are life's pleasurable pit stops.

 You'll find your pot of gold at the end of a certain rainbow if you search for it hard enough.

There's always time to make magic happen

And if you stop to take a second look: You'll realize that She has grown to look mighty fine.