Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breakfast In a Cup

So last night Shihao and I had ambitious plans to wake up at eight this morning to enjoy a bit of a weekend breakfast before heading for our first pottery class at 10am.

Well, I did wake up this morning. To my Dad calling me on my cell phone. At 1130am.

Darn it again.

And why wouldn't I be surprised that my dear roommate slept past his part of the commitment too..? After all, he stayed up till the wee hours playing Defense of the Ancients (while I devoured food blog after food blog - you won't believe how many amazing foodie writers there are online!). And our sumptuous Japanese feast at Plum Tree earlier that evening didn't help alleviate the snooze factor either. And here's a glimpse of what we relished in...

So yes, we both missed our little American breakfast and pottery class lesson we were so keen on attending: He wants to make a coffee mug for his dad, and I intend to mould a pie dish for myself. As such, I ended up whipping up a batch of Maple Cupcakes to bring a bit of that relaxing weekend spirit to make up for the breakfast we never had.

They came out paler than I expected - but I guess that's where the maple glaze comes in (though I did add some maple syrup to the batter as well). And I actually think the pale quality does give those fluffy sponges a seemingly feminine beauty, especially against the pastel-colored cupcake holders. I gave some to Jacqueline, my dear neighbor living below me, who greeted me blearily in her PJs. And the UPS delivery guy came with Shihao's order of wines (a whole crate!), which thoroughly made our day - so I gave Mr. UPS-guy a cake as well. And I think that little breakfast in a cup made his day too.

The rest would probably go Philicia, Deb and Dave, who are coming over later. We're all heading to Ithaca's Chili Cookout Fest (yay!), then Wegmans after to grab some fresh ingredients to whip up a cosy dinner for five. P.S. - I'm craving for a poached salmon.

Sweet, sweet weekend people!


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