Friday, March 5, 2010

I Wish...

I look forward to breaks in-between classes.

Not because I can hang out with my friends (though I won't deny that being an enjoyable activity).

Not because I can catch up on my sleep school work.

And most definitely not because I dislike school. In fact, I love my classes. Well, most of them at least. I'm having some personal issues with my financial management class, but let's leave that for another story.

I treasure my breaks. They're my peace and quiet. I grab a coffee - my all-time favourite Vanilla-infused Americano - grab a laptop, and tuck myself in the comfy corner that I always sneak to before the next class...

...and just sink blissfully into my own world of sugar, spice and everything nice. Reading entries from my favorite food writers, looking at creative recipes and imagining how wonderful the dish will be, and just being Inspired.

Sometimes, I wish my breaks were longer.

And I wish I could write my own cookbook too. Just like her, and her.

And I wish for a SLR camera to take more pretty pictures.

And I wish for an ice-cream maker because I'm craving for some homemade chocolate sorbet.


...It's time for class.


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