Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seventh Heaven

The Christmas season is such a fabulous time to go cookie-cutter hunting. Every mall and store would be selling rows and rows of such wonderful hollow metallic assortments, all bent and twisted to form anything you can dream of... and more.

So with a sparkling sack of cookie cutters stashed away in my Christmas cupboard, I've embarked on a sugar cookie frenzy and have begun rolling out buttery mounds of biscuit dough, stamping them into a mélange of wintertime patterns, then embellished with shimmery brown specks of Demerara sugar and magical golden dust.

"...and you can almost hear the choirs of angels singing..."

There's something ethereal and enchanting about that sentence that still captivates me even though I have to admit that it has already been four days since Christmas. But I guess there's always the New Year to excuse myself for my whimsical musings...

Mmm... Talk about being in seventh heaven.


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